About Us

AutomatedHits was started by a small group of programmers and web developers based out of Texas, USA. Our team of gurus specializes in Windows programming, search engine optimization, website design, and internet marketing. Read a little bit more about our team members below.

This software was originally developed to give its users the ability to deliver worldwide unique traffic into virtually any website URL. We wrote AutomatedHits with a focus on both accuracy and features. We wanted to give everyone the ability to send instant traffic which looks completely real statistics wise, but is also guaranteed to be safe against pay-per click ad networks.

Andrew (President/CEO) – Andrew has over a decade of expierence within the internet industry. With knowledge in everything from marketing to programming, Andrew is responsible for most of what you see inside the program and throughout this website. He’s the founder and CEO overseeing everything from update releases to support requests.

Jeremy (Marketing) – Jeremy has completed a variety of different internet marketing projects over the last few years. He’s responsible for almost all promotion and marketing aspects of this website including search engine optimization, banner advertisements, and pay-per click marketing.

Gary (Design) – Gary is our web design specialist and is responsible for creating all required designs for our software and website. Gary has been doing web design for the last 7 years now and loves helping our team with awesome logos, banners, and design ideas!