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Start delivering worldwide automated traffic into any website today! Purchase your copy of AutomatedHits right now to begin increasing unique visitor and pageview counts with little work involved. Whether you are looking to sell traffic or simply increase the number of visitors going into your own network of websites, this software can save you lots of time and hassle by taking care of the entire process automatically. Best of all, each copy comes with a free guide that explains how to configure and use every option inside. Your download is available instantly after completing payment!

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Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, WinXP, or Server
  • Min 1.5 ghz CPU, 512 Ram, 100mb Hard Drive
  • Note: Mac Users Will Need To Use Parallels

    Full Description

    AutomatedHits is a Windows based traffic bot that lets you send automated traffic into any URL from around the world. This software is great for anyone who is looking to increase the number of unique visitors and pageviews they have going into their website. Along with that, this software can also be used to decrease your websites bounce rate and increase views on media files such as YouTube videos. The AutomatedHits software also comes stacked with awesome features guaranteed to make each and every visitor look both real and active. Set options like the random visit interval to change the duration of time spent on each visit. Check and enable other features to handle tasks like clicking and visiting random internal URLs. This software is completely safe with all ad networks and will never click on a PPC ad. Whether you sell traffic for extra income or just want to increase the numbers going into your own websites, download a licensed copy of AutomatedHits and let this software handle the entire task for you!