Software Features

AutomatedHits comes loaded with unique features that you won’t find in many other traffic bots. Firstly, we coded AutomatedHits around accuracy more than speed. Although this bot may not be as fast as some others on the market, it’s extremely accurate and your visitors will show up on even the most advanced statistic platforms such as Google Analytics and AWStats. Look over some more of the unique features that comes included with this traffic bot below.

Unlimited Views and Visitors – Generate unlimited amounts of visitors for your website. Send unlimited amounts of views to online videos and other media files!

Multiple URL Support – Add or Load as many website URLs as you wish. AutomatedHits will automatically deliver your desired amount of hits to each URL in the list!

Automatic Proxy Scraping – Scrape thousands of proxies automatically! Once started, this software will visit dozens of proxy websites and scrape thousands of proxies for you. You also have the option to load your own proxy lists and disable this feature from within the Settings.

Automatic Proxy Testing – After automatically scraping thousands of free proxies from across the web, AutomatedHits will automatically test those proxies using multiple threads. You also have the option to disable this from within the Settings and skip proxy testing before sending hits.

Random Link Clicking – Have the software click a random link on each page it visits. This will only click on internal links and never on a PPC network advertisement!

Random Pause Interval – Set your minimum and maximum time intervals for the software to stay on each page for random amounts of time. This makes each visit appear different!

Maximum Timeout Control – Set and control your own desired timeout interval for each request. The lower your timeout interval, the faster this software can run!

Custom Referrers and UserAgents – Control the referring URL and useragent for each request you send. Make your visits look like they are coming from random websites!

Free Lifetime Updates – You will receive free updates for the lifetime of AutomatedHits. Anytime a new update is released you will be prompted to automatically update!

We always welcome user input on ideas and requests for upcoming updates. If there is a feature you don’t see listed here but would like to see added into the software then please contact us and let us know. Customer input is what will help expand AutomatedHits and make it the best traffic bot available. Just click Here and send us an email with details on what you would like to see!