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Traffic plays a key role when it comes to determining the value of your website. Whether you’re thinking about selling or just want to get a general idea about how much your website might be worth, traffic analysis can solve at least one part of the puzzle. Aside from the general tools like Google Analytics, there are other places you may want to visit and look your website up at. These other websites can provide you with some numbers which may be worth mentioning anytime you go to list it for sale. Have a look below at just a few of the free internet tools you can use for analyzing your websites traffic!

Alexa – Alexa is one of the more popular tools for analyzing traffic. The way it works is pretty simple. Alexa has a toolbar which has been installed by millions of people around the world (are you one of them?). That toolbar reports data to them and from that data they create a list of the most visited websites. The top global website (which is currently Google) gets the most traffic according to users who have the Alexa toolbar installed. Your goal should be to get your website as close to 1 as possible! The more people who visit your website with the Alexa toolbar installed, the higher your rank will go.

Ahrefs – Ahrefs doesn’t work on a toolbar system like Alexa does. Instead, Ahrefs uses a different algorithm to determine your Global Rank. Just like Alexa though, you want your Global Rank to be as close to 1 as possible. This can be acheived by obtaining lots of good quality incoming links, along with steady daily traffic as well.

MajesticSEO – Majestic is another tool which is somewhat similar to Ahrefs. However, this tool doesn’t use a global ranking system. Instead, the Majestic algorithm examines only incoming links and how good of quality those incoming links are. The system will determine a Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) score for your website. The goal is for both of these numbers to be as close to 100 as possible.

WooRank – Although this helpful tool doesn’t really analyze traffic, it’s perfect for those wanting to improve their website SEO. WooRank will take your domain and analyze the titles, tags, and other page elements to come up with a score. The closer your score is to 100, the more search engine friendly your website will be and the higher it will likely rank. It also gives you helpful suggestions on website errors and other things that can be improved on your website.

All four of these internet tools offer both free and paid access. Obviously the paid access will get you more daily checks, but you can usually get all of the statistical information you need by just using a free account. While it might not be necessary to mention every single one of these metrics when you go to sell, if some of them display good results (such as a high Alexa ranking or a good Trust Flow) then you may want to include it whenever you list the website for sale. I hope this article teaches you at least one new tool that you can use online for better website analysis!

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