Website Traffic Generator Software

There are numerous positives for sending automated traffic into your website. Not only can it help decrease bounce rates, automated traffic can also increase pageviews and uniques. Our website traffic generator runs on any Windows computer and quickly delivers extra visits into any website URL that you may desire. This software works great whether you’re trying to send traffic into a website of your own, or a clients website who may have purchased traffic from you. AutomatedHits if the only bot you need for getting generated traffic into your website!

Increase Website Traffic

This traffic generator software gives you the ability to set your own browser agents and referrals. Not only that, you’ll have access to other things including Statistics and Settings to specify the maximum number of visits to send into each website. Webmasters, affiliate marketers, and SEO experts can take advantage! Browse around our website some more to learn how you can begin increasing unique visitors while improving website value at the same time using AutomatedHits.

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